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There are times

There are times when, you stop. Out of nowhere. Going about your routine, you literally halt and think “what the hell am I doing?” No answer. So you continue. Stride by stride. Over and over.

There are times when your tunnel vision gets so narrow, that you forget to see the bigger picture. You go from point A to point B, back to A for a bit and eventually get called back to B. Predictable? Absolutely. Enjoyable? No.

There are times when you’re so aware of the mess, the struggles and the confusion that surrounds you, that you can’t help but get caught up in it. You try to hold on. “Don’t drag me down,” you think. But efforts are futile. You’re swept away. Time to swim back upstream.

There are times when you feel sorry that you’re realizing all this shit.

There are times when you get so fed up with that realization that you say “to hell with it.” You let it slide and move on. Because in the end, what is this? A drop in the bucket, a mile of a journey, or just a plain ‘ol rough patch. A … really … rough patch. You pick up the pieces you’ve dropped along the way and move. Go. Just go. Don’t stop and listen to the world as it passes you by. Go out and make some noise yourself.



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