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Pretty excited for this. Good pickup by Axtone.

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February 9, 2012 / 1:30PM


Like the rest my spring 2011 ICLA classmates, I’ve been having Los Angeles withdrawal lately. It was bound to happen, so now I’m trying to find ways to cope. To make me feel better I like to revisit certain experiences by looking at photos, having conversations, etc. In this case, I decided to go back and read a blog post I wrote right before traveling out to LA. How time flies. Below is my post from “South Hill in the San Fernando” circa January 7, 2011.


Another great question. 

Talk about being alive with activity. That’s the Park School. Walk through the lobby during the heart of the day and you’re bound to see someone you know. They might be grabbing their coffee, shooting some b-roll, or working at one of the tables. So what do you do? Right. Stop and chat. Constant conversation is only fit for communications students. The usual chatter can all be overheard: classes, parties, more parties, you know the deal. But this past semester, it seemed as if a different, more rousing tone could be felt among a particular group of students. The usual topics were traded in for talks of Hollywood, Universal Studios, and the beach, which were usually accompanied by smiles, laughter and the occasional scream of excitement. For those of us heading out to Los Angeles in the spring, needless to say, it’s been the talk of the town.

But the time has come for us to stop talking and start doing. With some students having already settled into the Oakwoods, it’s time to focus on our internships, classes and final preparations. Plus, we have places to go and people to see. And from what we hear, some of those people may very well be celebrities. But you’ll hear about those star sightings as they occur. You’ll also hear about everything, well, almost everything we do, which brings us to the role of this blog.

Even before being accepted into the Los Angeles Program, I had questions. Anybody who knows me will wholeheartedly agree that I always ask questions. For the purposes of preparing for the LA Program, that attribute proved me well. But the whole experience encompasses so many opportunities that it’s impossible to get every question answered before you arrive. For those of you without answers, hopefully, this blog will change that. For those of you looking for a good story, hopefully this blog will provide that. For those of you reading for the heck of it, well, thanks for reading.

Whoever you are, it’s my hope that this blog opens up a new conversation and a new story. I mean, come on. Parkies and La La Land? We’re more than capable of writing a novel. So let’s do it.

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